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When you order the hard copy of Foundations...

Add Foundations and Stepping Stones Edition 0.1 e-readers...for just $20 more!

✅ Same content, e-reader style.  Available waiting!  

Get an Issuu copy, a responsive e-reader to take Foundations and Stepping Stones Edition 0.1 with you on the go!  Poolside, lakeside, seaside, bedside...wherever you happen to be chillaxing, you can get a jump on the most comprehensive curricular framework for teaching World Languages we know of!

The final edition of Stepping Stones should be released by summer, 2023, if you would rather wait and read it then, with all the bells and whistles!

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If you can't wait, you can get cracking on Stepping Stones now, and when Edition One comes out in 2023, you will be ready to get to learnin'! 

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