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Become a Curriculum Club member and...

 Get Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced leveled materials in French, Spanish, English, and German to ✄ cut time hunting for materials & resources

 Get ready-to-go multi-level assessment materials & tools to ✄ cut your time creating assessments & rubrics

 Get on-demand, self-paced interactive training to  ✄ cut your stress & overwhelm - recordings for your ease of learning.

 Get Facebook support to ✄ cut isolation & confusion about how to make communicative language teaching work for you. 

Digital copies of planning books for cycles 1-3 and 4-6. This print Teacher Plan Book for the Stepping Stones Curricular Framework was created to give you a written space to plan your lessons.

✳️ Foundations e-book & Book Study Course - short, self-paced lessons 

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✳️ E-Lit E-Reader Subscription through July, 2023 -  Full access to E-lit library of leveled texts in French, German, Spanish, and English, with more added every month (this is only some of the 400 plus books available in our Elit subscription) 

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The ONE BIG GOAL of  Curriculum Club

We offer the most comprehensive, engaging, and comprehensible materials and systems for literacy-focused, communicative language teaching so that you can use them to make your time in the classroom enjoyable, stress-free, and FUN...and, of course, help your students develop true competence in the beautiful languages we teach!


What happens after you purchase an annual membership: 

(1) You will receive an email welcome packet with access to the complete  MembersE-Lit leveled library, the Foundation's e-reader,  and Planners for cycles 1-3 and 4-6. "What to Say" Guides, our complete set of materials, and a members-only Facebook group so that you can get started immediately.

(2)  Throughout the year, recorded trainings are released that you can use at your own pace and review as often as needed. 

Stepping Stones curricular framework will:

  • Provide lesson-by-lesson structure using a guided release of responsibility model and incorporating daily reading mini-workshop and daily modeled writing aligned to real-world communicative purposes (and also to World Language standards and literacy skills with wider application across the curriculum).
  • It provides a unit-by-unit structure using six major cycles of instruction each year - Description, Narration, Going Deeper with Narration, Information, Opinion, and Argumentation.  Within each cycle, four phases are aligned to deepen communicative purpose.

       For example, within Information, the four phases are:

        (1)  Organizing Informational Writing on Topic One
        (2)  Incorporating Content-Specific Vocabulary on Topic One
        (3)  Organization and Content-Specific Vocabulary for Topic Two
        (4)  Comparing and Contrasting Topics One and Two

  • It provides a year-over-year structure as the genre-based cycles and phases spiral deeper and deeper to boost students up the literacy and proficiency ladder with every repeated focus on these literacy skills, with fresh content and topics, but building upon and extending students' communicative skills.
  • The Stepping Stones curricular framework thus provides the standards-aligned, literacy-focused pathway to proficiency and literacy in World Language that Tina had always needed to include in her French and Spanish courses.