E-Lit Text Library through July 2023

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Click here to learn about our unique leveling system, created by a former Reading Intervention, ESOL, and World Language teacher to support ALL students, from the very first weeks of class, in reading, comprehending and ENJOYING their new language!

Pre-order for 2022-2023 and you can start using the 21-22 library right now!  Our latest collection of super-engaging leveled e-readers launches July 16, 2022!  Save on next year's subscription with our Launch Pricing through June 30, 2022, and start using the current E-Lit collection - over 100 texts - right away.

Everyone wins, especially your students!

SPECIAL for 2022-2023 pre-orders! 

Go ahead and start using our current text library right away and download them to keep forever!  You can print them and use them in any way you want...forever, whenever you want!

All of the current texts are downloadable until July 31, 2023, so you can print them, and use them whenever you want into the future. 

Plus, your e-reader access to the current versions of the texts will never expire...no matter what level of access you choose for next school year!

Use any of our access plans with as many students as you want within a single department, and share the E-Lit love with your colleagues! 

Get access to our entire current library, in all four languages:  Spanish, French, German, and English.  Or choose one or two languages and save.

Note:  If you choose two languages, we will follow up by email to confirm the languages you selected.

Choose all of our current levels (1 through 6), or select the Lower or Upper Level options to get just the levels you need. 

"Lower" is 110+ texts at levels 1-2 (these levels are designed to support students in the first and second years of language study;  to learn more and read samples of texts at each level, see this flyer.)

Upper is 55+ at levels 3-6 (these levels are designed to support students nearing the end of the second year an into the third year and above;  to learn more and read samples of texts at each level, see this flyer.)

E-Lit currently has over 400 unique titles - 100+ in each language, and with this new delivery system in place, we will be able to dedicate a LOT more time and resources to developing more leveled texts, so we will be uploading more every single month till the end of the subscriptions!

Each month, your students will get:

3+ new level one texts
3+ new level 2 texts
2+ new level 3 texts
2+ new level 4 texts
1+ new level 5 texts
1+ new level 6 texts

(To learn more about the leveling system and read sample texts, see this flyer.)

That's a whole lot of texts for a pretty good price!

There are a lot of options, so see our E-Lit Shopping Guide below to help you choose the perfect package for your department. 

Download the Shopping Guide as a PDF here.

Questions?  Email help@ciliftoff.com and we can guide you towards the right expenditure of funds.

Need to use a Purchase Order?  See our guide and download the order form here.