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A Natural Approach to the (Transition) Year

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Get the print book and take notes, sticky note it to your heart's content, mark it up, bookmark the pages, and go hog-wild on the most hand-holdy, visual guide to communicative language teaching yet!

Foundations gives you detailed, step-by-step hand-holding and modeling to guide you through a full year of multi-level instruction to transition to the Stepping Stones curricular framework.

Have a coach on your desk, holding your hand and giving you the next steps day by day: pep talks, encouragement, and detailed lesson plans to help you see around the bends ahead in your school year. 

You can stop looking for the next activity to engage your students, stop the hours of digging through strategies, and rest yourself for a time with this book as your guide, with Tina working right alongside you through a year of simplifying your professional life. This is quite simply the most comprehensive proficiency-based professional development materials yet produced. 

Foundations is the "on-ramp" to the Stepping Stones curricular framework and materials. It's Stepping Stones pared down to its most essential highest-leverage components.

Learn the most complete, most structured, and also most flexible and responsive curricular framework ever developed for proficiency-oriented Communicative Language Teaching, with a conversational, hand-holdy companion by your side all year long.  

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