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Read Stepping Stones Edition 0.1 online!

It's a good resource, but please be advised that you are purchasing a WORK IN PROGRESS.  For the latest and most user-friendly teacher guide, please read Foundations.

Get the e-reader of Stepping Stones "Edition 0.1" - the digital version is the only way that we are currently selling this information, until the rewrite is done - expected in 2023.

Stepping Stones is the first book Tina Hargaden wrote to convey the Stepping Stones curricular framework.  The first draft - "Edition 0.1" - was completed in 2019.  (Learn more about what a "curricular framework" is here.)

Then, in 2021, Tina wrote up a step-by-step coaching guidebook for teachers looking to transition into their first year of Stepping Stones.  That book is called Foundations.

While "Edition 0.1" of Stepping Stones is valuable information, and contains a ton of useful strategies and resources, it is more like a book of recipes than a hand-holding guide to exactly what to do.  Foundations is that hand-holding coach on the side.

Stepping Stones is more like the "background information" or the "blueprint" that underlays the guidance in Foundations.  

It's a good resource for people who like to "paint by numbers" and who want to understand all the possibilities of the Stepping Stones curricular framework.  If you are interested in peeling back the lid of this curricular framework and seeing under the hood, then Stepping Stones might be for you.

If you are looking for a more user-friendly read that takes you by the hand and says, "Do this, then this," then Foundations is more what you need.


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Take Stepping Stones Edition 0.1 with you on the go!  Poolside, lakeside, seaside, wherever you happen to be chillaxing, you can get a jump on the most comprehensive curricular framework for teaching World Languages we know of!

The final edition of Stepping Stones should be released by summer 2023, if you would rather wait and read it then, with all the bells and whistles!

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Or if you want to read online, just get the e-reader of's truly the best place to begin!


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