Back-To-School Bonanza: August Book Bundle

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Introducing our Back-To-School Bonanza Bundles - the ultimate collection of educational resources to kickstart the new academic year with a burst of creativity and knowledge! With six captivating books and ready-to-use resources for each title, these bundles are designed to make learning engaging, interactive, and fun for students of all ages. Whether you prefer e-readers or print, we have you covered!

Each book in the Back-To-School Bonanza Bundles is a treasure trove of knowledge, spanning a minimum of 72 pages filled with colorful illustrations and fascinating texts. These books will transport students into a world of imagination, curiosity, and learning, making them eager to dive deeper into each topic.

But that's not all! We've gone the extra mile to ensure that these bundles offer comprehensive learning experiences. Alongside the captivating books, we've crafted an extensive set of resources for each title. These resources have been thoughtfully designed to spark creativity, foster meaningful learning, and keep students fully engaged in their educational journey.

Included in each bundle, you'll find a variety of valuable resources such as:

  1. Word Cards: Enhance vocabulary and language skills with interactive word cards that make learning a breeze.
  2. Write and Draw: Encourage self-expression and imagination through writing and drawing activities.
  3. I Can Write: Build confidence in writing abilities with guided exercises and prompts.
  4. Write Phrases / Sentences Worksheet: Develop language fluency with engaging sentence-building exercises.
  5. Word Sort Worksheet: Foster critical thinking and word recognition through interactive word sorting activities.
  6. Cut and Paste Sort Worksheet: Make learning fun with hands-on cut-and-paste activities that reinforce concepts.
  7. Pocket Word Chart Cards: Create a handy resource for students to refer to keywords and concepts.
  8. Do and Tell: Promote active learning and communication with do-and-tell activities that involve the whole class.
  9. Picture Walk: Improve comprehension and storytelling skills through guided pictures.
  10. Word Card Game: Make learning a game with word card activities that keep students excited and engaged.
  11. Star Words Game: Turn learning into an adventure with the star words game that challenges and entertains.
  12. Survey Charts: Engage students in data collection and analysis with thought-provoking survey charts.
  13. Colorforms: Encourage creativity and imagination with these colorful, interactive design materials.

The possibilities for interactive and captivating lessons are truly endless with the Back-To-School Bonanza Bundles. These resources will empower educators to craft dynamic lesson plans, stimulate classroom discussions, and foster a lifelong love for learning in their students.

Choose from our e-readers or print bundles to suit your preferences and classroom needs. Embrace the joy of learning and make this academic year unforgettable with the Back-To-School Bonanza Bundles! Order now!