The CI Teacher Toolkit Recordings Bundle

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Alana’s Summer Toolkit was a smash hit, so we wanted to offer it as a recorded version fo ethos eof you that want to grab some Tools for your teacher Toolkit for 23/24. 

Look no further! Alana’s CI Toolkit Recorded Session is designed to empower teachers like you with comprehensive strategies and materials that will make a significant impact on your classroom.

With full access to the recordings and materials used during Alana’s recent event, you can now benefit from all the valuable insights and practical tips at your own convenience. Whether you missed the live event or simply want to revisit the content, this recorded session is your key to success.

During the first day of each session, you will be immersed in a comprehensive overview of the materials and strategies presented. From the fundamentals to advanced techniques, you will gain a strong foundation of knowledge that can transform your teaching approach.

In addition, the second day is dedicated to collaborative planning sessions with Alana, our esteemed Curriculum Director.

To further enhance your professional development, you may request a certificate of completion. This certificate can be used to demonstrate your commitment to advancing your teaching skills and compliance with your school's requirements for the upcoming school year.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to equip yourself with the tools and knowledge needed for a successful and engaging classroom. Join us for the CI Toolkit Recorded Session and witness the transformation of your teaching methods.

Key Features:

  • Full access to the recorded sessions and materials from the CI Toolkit event
  • Comprehensive overview of CI strategies and materials on the first day
  • Collaborative planning sessions with Alana on the second day for personalized guidance
  • Request a certificate of completion for professional development and compliance purposes

Don't miss out on this chance to elevate your teaching skills and create an enriching learning environment for your students. Order the CI Toolkit Recorded Session today and take your teaching to new heights.