2024/25 E-Lit Text Library E-reader Subscription One year from purchase

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Click here to learn about our unique leveling system, created by a former Reading Intervention, ESOL, and World Language teacher to support ALL students, from the very first weeks of class, in reading, comprehending, and ENJOYING their new language!

Enjoy our  2023-2024 library subscription for E-reader Subscription One year from purchase, which includes access to all texts, levels, and languages. It also includes word cards for some texts and free resources we add each month.

Save on next year's subscription with our 23/24 Launch Pricing through September 30, 2023, and immediately use the current E-Lit collection - over 400 texts.

Everyone wins, especially your students!

 2024-2025 ELIT - 

Go ahead and start using our current text library right away and download them to keep forever!  You can print them and use them any way you want...forever, whenever you want!

All of the current texts are downloadable until August 30, 2024, with the 23/24 subscription, so you can print them and use them whenever you want in the future. 

Our new plan includes pricing for four levels - one teacher level for one teacher to access, peer level you can share with up to six of your peers, department level for up to 20 users, and district level for up to 100 users. 

All levels will have access to our entire library in all four languages:  Spanish, French, German, and English, plus all the word cards we have created and some free resources we post monthly.  

"Lower" is 110+ texts at levels 1-2. (These levels are designed to support students in the first and second years of language study;  to learn more and read samples of texts at each level, see this flyer.)

Upper is 55+ at levels 3-6 (these levels are designed to support students nearing the end of the second year and into the third year and above;  to learn more and read samples of texts at each level, see this flyer.)

E-Lit currently has over 400 unique titles - 100+ in each language.

Each month, your students will get access to new books and resources. We have free word cards for many of our texts. We have a free resources page you can also use, and we will add three new resources to this page monthly. 

We have additional free resources added each month for the new texts and word cards for all our texts written since 2022. We are also working on adding word cards for the texts written before 2022. 

That's a whole lot of texts for a pretty good price! PLUS word cards, resources, and English versions are being added. We have new K-5 Content-based texts in English and Spanish - great for ESOL or DUAL language classes. These are also great for levels 1-5 in World Language departments. Please email Susan for information about ordering for your entire ESOL department. We have some ESOL departments already using our text and resources in their ESOL programs and are ready to help you with your programs, too. 

Our texts are also available in print for an additional cost. We also offer a variety of bundles with print texts and 12-13 digital resources for each text. 

Questions? do you need to use a Purchase Order or want to learn more about the ESOL program,  department or district ordering?  Please email Susan at accounts@ciliftoff.com.