E-Lit Print Level One Bookshelf

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PRINT E-Lit ...in full color!  


Get a level one bookshelf with seven titles for $96 - $13.72 per book, for 64 pages of full-color, beautiful text in each book. 

We will send you a special Digital Bundle as a thank-you that you can use right away, with all seven of the Level One titles from the print bundle, plus six additional texts, to make a baker's dozen of e-readers you can add to your digital collection, project to use as a visual aid in class, or print and give to students. 

When we sell out, it's over!  There are VERY LIMITED quantities of this first batch...but if all goes well, we hope to print more to keep in stock. 

Stock your classroom shelves with super-comprehensible, super-visual, super-engaging books! 

This pack of seven Level One titles will make an excellent addition to your independent reading library, or for whole-class instruction. 

Our super-comprehensible, super visual Level One texts are designed for maximum comprehension. 

They are so scaffolded that even first-year students can generally read our Level One texts independently, even within the first few months of school.

We put a LOT of love and care into E-Lit, to make the texts as irresistible as possible, to entice even your most reading-averse students into getting their eyes on print and actually turning the pages. 

How do we do that?  By picking interesting, kid-approved topics and including lots and lots of visuals. 

These are not your gramma's visual aids, either. 

They are lovingly crafted to be eye-catching and INSTANTLY comprehensible.  You and your students have probably never seen any beginner language learner literature like this!

There is, frankly, nothing out there in the marketplace of language learner texts that comes close to meeting your beginners and reluctant readers where they're at than E-Lit. 

It's designed from the ground up by a former Reading Intervention teacher, to be a honey pot for kids' attention and a magnet for their eyes.

These readers are written and designed especially to support beginners in a World Language or ESOL classroom to do their best reading...from the very first weeks of class in their new language! 

This VERY LIMITED print run is our first printing of E-Lit, and quantities are EXTREMELY  limited. 

If all goes well, we will make these E-Lit Level One Bundles a regular offering in the future.  And we will be adding more print titles for level one and higher levels, too, so stay tuned!

What you get:

For $96, you will get a bundle of seven of our most-loved E-Lit Level One readers, each one 64+ pages, 6x9 inches, in full color, with super-comprehensible illustrations on every page, to engage and support your students' language acquisition and development as a reader.

$96.00 for seven titles - $13.72 per title

Note that ENGLISH and GERMAN bundles are still in production.

Each bundle includes one of each title:

(1) My Friends Love Their Phones

(2) What Does Autumn Bring?

(3) Minecraft Animals

(4) I Play Video Games

(5) A Very Long Family Trip

(6) School Clubs and Activities

The seventh title is specific to each language:

Spanish:  Quiero ir a la República dominicana

French:  Je Veux Visiter Paris

German:  Ich will Berlin Besuchen!

English:  Houses Around the World

THANK YOU for helping us make the leap into printed E-Lit and for being part of bringing the most engaging, comprehensible Level One readers available for language learners into the physical world!

If you have questions, please email elit@ciliftoff.com

.To pay by Purchase Order, please email accounts@ciliftoff.com

At this time, we cannot offer a lower price on multiple orders of the book packs.

Preview some of the Print Pack Level One texts here!

French Sample

Spanish Sample