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The Stepping Stones curricular framework is designed to make your planning, assessment, and instruction seamless, supported, and - above all - EFFECTIVE! It is, quite simply, the most powerful, most complete, most structured, and also most flexible and responsive way to organize and implement proficiency-based communicative language teaching.
The yearlong curricular framework is comprised of six instructional cycles organized around cross-curricular literacy foci: Narration, Description, Information, Opinion, and Argumentation. These cycles build upon each other, so over the months, and years, students will spiral back to literacy work that builds in complexity and has immediate application to other content-area classes.
Stepping Stones is a pathway to strong writing performance and solid, lasting, real language proficiency. As students move through the program, through the year, and through the years of your language program, support them with this literacy pathway, using the content we provide or your own favorites. Stepping Stones is designed to give you a solid, pedagogically-sound learning pathway and structure, and also to accommodate any content you want or need to teach.
If you can't believe that can be true, but you have long searched for a solution to the overwhelming array of strategies and materials out there, then you owe it to yourself to read Stepping Stones.
Learn to make your students' learning explicit to them to show them tangible achievable literacy goals.
Learn to model strong writing to your students that gradually builds in complexity, and see your students take off for never-before-seen heights of language achievement. Use the Stepping Stones Writing Continua for Description, Narration, Information, and Opinion/Argumentation to know the exact writing moves that you can model in whole-class lessons, and also to differentiate for your higher and lower level students - even if they are all in one class period.
Build cross-curricular, Common-Core-Aligned literacy for your students, build motivation and engagement with the language(s) you teach, build passion and excitement for learning and cross-cultural interaction, and build true language proficiency, on your own terms, with your own content, but with a strong, powerful curricular framework that will give you more support than you might think possible.
This version of Stepping Stones is Edition 0.1. It has been updated and completed since its initial release in 2019 but will undergo some further modifications in order to finalize it for distribution to the mass market. Get a hard copy of the print version now, and an updated PDF when the final final version is ready.
This is a ONE-TIME print order, and Edition 0.1 will never be printed again. The finalized version is expected in 2022. So if you have been wanting a hard copy, this is the chance. The only chance. At the end of March, it is over, until the final version comes out.
NOTE: If you purchased Edition Zero of Stepping Stones, please DO NOT use this link. You will receive an email to purchase the hard copy in this limited print run for the printing and shipping cost, as I have planned to do for a long time until the pandemic put a year-long delay in all my plans.