Anna Axolotl Christmas Shenanigans

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**The actual book is available only on English as it is a poem.**

Step into the enchanting realm of 'Anna Axolotl Christmas Shenanigans,' a delightful poem showcasing the festive adventures of Anna Axolotl and her friends.

This engaging book, paired with 5 language games in Spanish, French, German, and English, promotes translanguaging for an immersive classroom experience. Perfect for emergent bilinguals, the English text facilitates language connections.

With Axolotls captivating kids, this book is a fantastic gift for educators (minimal prep) and students (fun and engaging). Explore Go Fish, Charades, Memory Game, Word Card Game, and Parts of Speech-Build A Sentence for a prep-free week before Winter break. Indulge in a week of language-filled FUN at an unbeatable price!