Deck the Shelves: Festive Book Sale with Word Cards Only

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12-holiday themed  e-readers with word cards  in Spanish and English 

 This is .55 cents per book/resource! What a deal!

You will have access to the two languages for the reader and the word cards. These word cards take vocabulary from the text and add a graphic to support and reinforce the word for students.  Teachers can tailor word cards to suit the specific needs of their students. This allows for differentiation in the classroom, accommodating different levels of proficiency or learning styles.

  1. Visual Learning Aid: Word cards provide a visual representation of words, which can be especially helpful for visual learners. They make abstract concepts or vocabulary more tangible and easier to understand.

  2. Quick and Easy Reference: Teachers can use word cards to quickly introduce, review, or reinforce new words or concepts. They are a handy resource for on-the-spot teaching moments.

  3. Interactive Learning: Word cards can be used in interactive learning activities. For example, teachers can engage students in games like word matching, word identification, or word-to-picture association, making learning more enjoyable.

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