Student Learning Log

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These note sheets can help make the sometimes-intangible process of language acquisition a little more concrete for students. It's a place to store summaries of lesson content, collect new bits of language, record shared writing, and process and extend on their learning.

You can print out as many student copies of the 14 pages in this learning log & configure them in any way you want, to make various combinations of pages and create a resource that aligns to your goals and needs.

Get the color and black and white PDFs so you can print them or share digital files with students however it works best for your needs and learning management system.

We are not offering printed copies of this product at this time, unless you want to order a set of 100 or more copies, printed with enough pages to provision your students with learning logs for the semester or year.  To start the process of ordering class sets of print copies, please email for help with quotes and/or purchase orders.